Get Perspective: Understanding Today’s Legal Industry and Leading Trends in Legal Marketing and Business Development

Continued diminished demand, partner underperformance and resistance to change are just some of the challenges facing law firms today. We will begin by reviewing major trends in the industry and how they influence and inform legal marketing strategy today. We will also discuss winning marketing and business development strategies being utilized by leading firms and lawyers, including the latest innovations, and practical ways you can add some of them to your personal toolkit.

Get a Plan: A Practical Guide for Developing a Business Plan You Will Actually Use

At some point, we have all prepared personal business plans, with varying degrees of success. In the first of a two-part session, we will introduce the rationale and process for developing and implementing a practical, achievable business plan based on our work with hundreds of lawyers around the country. We will set the stage for the take-aways you should look for in remaining sessions to incorporate into your plan.


Get an Edge: Leveraging CI for Competitive Advantage in Client Development

Lawyers are bombarded daily with information about industry developments, competitors and clients. Yet transforming this information into insights and actionable intelligence is often elusive. This session will help lawyers cut through the noise, learn to focus their efforts on information that matters and devise strategies for leveraging information to gain a competitive edge when planning goals, engaging in marketing activities and meeting with clients and prospects.

Get a Brand: How to Create and Grow a Meaningful and Authentic Brand

Ah, the elusive brand. Despite considerable expenditure of dollars and time, many firms and lawyers still miss the mark when it comes to brand strategy and implementation. In this session, we will demystify the concept of brand for lawyers and law firms, demonstrate what works and what does not and inspire you to create a meaningful and authentic brand for your firm and yourself.

Get it Straight: Efficient Content Strategies for Lawyers that Work

Lawyers are good writers. Some are great writers. But when it comes to creating content for publication, many have misconceptions about media and process that affect the creation, distribution and effectiveness of their effort. This session will start with an article concept workshop, followed by an in-
depth conversation on how to conceive content, best utilize internal and external media relations resources, and draft content to clearly elevate profile, own issues and drive business development.

Get a Plan: A Practical Guide for Developing a Business Plan You Will Actually Use – Part II (Workshop)

Using the wisdom gained from previous sessions and our battle-tested methodology, we will work through a guided exercise to help you to develop your new business plan. Working individually and as a group, we will refine and solidify your personal marketing and business development strategies.

Get the Sale: Executing a Winning Sales Meeting – (Workshop)

Let’s face it, sales training was not in our law school curriculum. Nonetheless, in order to be successful rainmakers, we need to be outstanding at closing the sale. We will review what you need to do to prepare for, conduct, negotiate and follow up on sales meetings with existing and potential clients (and what your competitors are doing in these meetings). We will then engage in workshop activities to put your new skills and awareness into practice.

Get Some Insight: Why Client Satisfaction and Customer Experience Are More Important Than Ever

When law firms began soliciting client feedback over twenty years ago, experts assumed clients would be “surveyed out” within a few years. However, ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty is more important today than ever. Learn what you can take away from leading client feedback programs and what you can do to make sure you are exceeding expectations in your clients’ customer experience with your firm and your practice.

Get Ahead: What’s in Store for Tomorrow’s Law Firm Leaders

In an industry with ongoing, dramatic change, what can we expect in the months and years to come? We will end our program with a look ahead at how the market is transforming the way law firms do business so that you will have a focused perspective on how to tailor your marketing and business activities accordingly going forward. We will then engage in an interactive discussion with our seminar faculty and other attendees on what’s coming down the pike including everything from AI and AFAs to alternative service models and social media platforms.

Bonus Session: Mindfulness For Lawyers (September 27 – morning only)

The legal industry is challenging, and law firms can be high stress work environments. Recognizing this, law firms, law schools and the profession as a whole, following the lead of corporate America, are incorporating mindfulness programs into their organizations. With scores of scientific studies confirming the health and stress-reduction benefits, mindfulness practices are providing lawyers a means of improving their wellbeing as well as a tool for professional development. This program will provide an introduction to mindfulness principles and practices and discuss how Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) helps to successfully deal with the stress in the workplace. It will also discuss leading edge tools for improving leadership skills with mindfulness and tips for using mindfulness in marketing and business development. The program will include experiential exercises to develop your mindfulness practice and incorporate it into your daily life.